Recently,the topic of air pollution has again aroused more and more attention since pollution haze,a kind of weather,has appeared increasing frequently in our cities.Just as the picture showed,when pollution haze comes,the whole city was covered with suspended particles which can breath into our body causing heavy problem to our health.

  Due to the bad effect from pollution haze,a green and clear environment,rather than anything else,turns to be an important role and a urgent issue in our daily lives.Meanwhile we just live in only an earth,if we didn’t try to protect our common hometown,we would have no place to settle. Thus,we should take effective measures to rebuild our beautiful environment of the cities from now on.

  In my opinion,law and regulations should be enforced by the government and authorities to control the emission of polluting gas.To ourselves,we should enhance the awareness of environment protection and choose a green lifestyle to make contribution to our earth day from day.