1, fog haze weather windows. Go out in the outside must wear masks, water more at ordinary times, can be multi bubble drink chrysanthemum tea wolfberry tea of this kind of traditional Chinese medicine, disease prevention, fruit consumption, from home to deep clean the skin and hair, in addition to favorite morning exercises and buy food for his walk old people should pay attention to reduce go out, because the haze of the elderly the body great harm.


  2, to go out wearing a mask USA import Pu Wei Xintian cat effective anti fog

  2、外出戴口罩美国进口普卫欣天 猫有效防雾霾。


  3, more tea


  4, the amount of vitamin D


  5, light diet drink plenty of water


  6, eat more vegetables


  7, in the haze weather minimize out [6]


  8, pay attention to the speed drive


  9, when you go out, do a self protective, wear special anti PM2.5, anti haze haze mask nose cover, filter the PM2.5 whenever and wherever possible, to breathe the fresh air.


  Exercise 10, to avoid fog. Can be changed when the sun comes out to do morning exercises. Can also be replaced by exercising indoors.


  11, patient adherence to medication. Respiratory disease and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients in the fog should insist on to take medicine on time


  12, don't close the window too strict. Can choose to midday when the sunnier, fewer pollutants of short time window ventilation.


  13, try to stay away from the road. The rush hour and evening large cars into the city of these time periods, the highest concentration of pollutants.


  14, calcium, vitamin D, eat tofu, Sydney