The Clear and Blue Sky

  With the broadcast of smog,this long-standing environmental problems,become the hot discussion once again.According to some reports,the frequent appearances of smog obscure the clarity of the sky recently.Some people drove slowly on the road because they could not see clearly. They also suffered from many illnesses caused by smog.

  Smog is the general expression of various higher-than-permitted suspended particulate matter (such as PM2.5) in the atmosphere,which express the state of air pollution .It contains fog and haze,both of them are disastrous weather. Fog consists of a large number of tiny water or ice crystals.It’s actually a harmless natural phenomena that makes visibility worse .Haze is air pollution in which is mixed up with dust, smoke and other dry particles. The components that make up haze may have negative effect on people's health, especially for children and the old.

  So it’s necessary to find out the reason why leads to smog and work out the resolution.If we trace the cause for smog weather ,the main points are natural causes that include windblown dust and manmade causes which include three aspects.Firstly,china 's air quality standards are rather lax and evaluation factors are limited.Secondly,some enterprises just go for economic interests instead of observing relevant law and regulations.Obsolete equipment、industrial fuel burning and manufacturing operations are high likely to emit much wasted air.Thirdly,across our society ,relevant protection awareness has not built up.Just for the sake of convience to go out,people rely more and more on travelling and working by car while car is the main cause for smog.

  To settle this problem,a series of meaures should be taken as follows.Primarily,we should establish a sound control system of smog. Not only can environmental protection departments strengthen air monitor,but government should enact more strict laws and regulations.Moreover,Reduce pollution sources is the fundamental solution to cut air pollutants. For example,we can reduce the amount of fuel vehicles or close down high polluting enterprises.Developing green and energy-saving energy can lower the emission of smog.Last but not least, People should do personal protection.They need to reduce the time for outdoor sports and pay attention to rest in smog days.Everyone all over the country should take measures to reduce the smog weather. We can use more public transport such as the bus and the underground so that the number of cars will be limited.Also,people should plant more trees. As far as I’m concerned ,if we work together to do such measures ,smog weather will vanish completely and we will get clear and blue sky.